Using ssmtp to send gmail on linux server

using ssmtp to send gmail on linux server

Sometimes, we want to send email on linux server to alert some event for purpose. We can fake the sender’s email address, and send. But unfortunately, most of the email server will treat these emails as spam, that is not very convenient. So we want to use our username and password to send email through gmail. Here is some step to configure and use ssmpt to do it.

My linux distribution is centos , it is okay if you use ubuntu, just use apt instead yum.

1. #yum install ssmtp
2. #vi /etc/ssmtp/ssmtp.conf     //edit configuration
Here is the setting you should add

Beware you have to add TLS_CA_File in the setting, if not ,you will get Cannot open Error.
After that, you can test your setting,
echo “test” | ssmtp -vvv TESTEMAIL@ADDRESS
If everything goes well, congratulations, you success. If not, check /var/log/maillog, i think most of the error is “Authorization failed (534 5.7.14 uy4sm4234351pbc.69 – gsmtp)”.
The problem is caused by google security policy. You can resolve it as the following
1.Google will send you a email to remainder you a Sign-in attempt prevented event, login your google account, and permit the login from your server
2.then go to this and set “Access for less secure apps” to ON
You can test it using the command mentioned before. If you still can not send email, check /var/log/maillog and google the answer yourself.